Monday, 26 May 2008


As many of you already know, soloilfondodelsecchiello has a new long as he is a very very very..very nice and good guy (it's not ironic, he is really a very handsome and good guy) his girlfriend has to be at least as nice as him. Of course she is, but unfortunately it's not available a picture of this girl yet (but she exits, I swear) so I will try to describe with some comparisons:

She is beautiful like the sunset

Clever like Rita Levi Montalcini

Funny like Claudio Bisio

Brave like Spiderman

Generous like Robin Hood

Hints are well accepted

Thursday, 22 May 2008


-I will never sit again to a table with Mr.Bossi, and I will never support a government which counts on Bossi as a support, because he's a totally unreliable person.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


-It's not easy to understand who's right who's wrong, everyone has responsabilities, but for sure Berlusconi's's choices because look..I say, Berlusconi, Berlusconi no..Berlusconi Berlusconi no, Berlusconi no, Berlusconi Berlusconi Berlusconi Berlusconi no no Berlusconi no no ahhh no no no no!!!
-I'm sorry, I'm mortify, sorry..really I can't hold when..Berlusconi to me..I'll bring you immediately to the "Grand Hotel".

Monday, 12 May 2008


As long as someone [David Ciapetti, S.Donato in Fronzano (da leggere con tipico accento inglese), ndr] doesn't know how to post a comment but he really would like to have the chance to post one, here it follows a short manual "How to post a comment in 5 easy steps", presented by Troy MccLure

1- Easly click once on "Comments"

2- Write your own comment in the white square up on the right

3a-Write your own account in the appropriate little square with your own password (only for expert users)

3b-Select on anonimous in the "Choose an identity" menu if you don't have an own account

4- Write down the "verification word"

5- Click on "Publish your comment"

Se non scrivi almeno "Prova 1 2 3 prova" la prossima volta metto la tua foto accanto a quella di Schifani sostenendo che siete spiccicati.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Dear David,
I'm giving you the last chance to climb the special ranking "L'amico che farei e via e via". As long as you say that you never comment this "empty" blog because you think my posts are not interesting (how can you say that? I really don't get the reason why) this post is dedicated to you..

-What the hell is the black smoke of the island and why you think is there?

-Why we keep on seeing people already dead? Are they hallucination, real people (they are not really dead I mean), or the main characters are dead and they are living in a kind of heaven (at least amazing option I suggest)?

-What about Ben? Is he good or bad?

Who is the fake Jack and the real one?

Last chance Ciapo, last chance..