Friday, 4 April 2008


Making things as much easy as possible we can assume to divide people in three categories:
1-normal people (it's not important to define what we mean with normal, only who belongs to the next category is still pretending that in his opinion it's not possible to define someone "normal")
2-stupid people (it's not nice to say, but we must all agree that the world is full of them and their mother is always pregnant)
3-special people (nothing to say, they are really special and who was so lucky to meet them is going to remember that moment forever)

This is the first "serious looking" post of the blog. I will remember this moment forever.


Anonymous said...

Ottimo lavoro Frick! (e grazie a Pedro che l'ha postato)

Un saluto, e l'augurio a questi tre amici che sicuramente rientrano nella 3° categoria di cui parla pietro, di continuare così e anche meglio.


Anonymous said...

direi proprio che guardare questo video è stato commuovente, bravi Frick!!

Luna said...

pietro pietro, it's your blog speakinggggg.... do not forget meeeee... I need wordsssss

Anonymous said...

in questo blog ci sono sempre le stesse cose, non credi che andrebbe riaggiornato un pò Pietrino? altrimenti la gente smette di commentarlo