Thursday, 8 May 2008


Dear David,
I'm giving you the last chance to climb the special ranking "L'amico che farei e via e via". As long as you say that you never comment this "empty" blog because you think my posts are not interesting (how can you say that? I really don't get the reason why) this post is dedicated to you..

-What the hell is the black smoke of the island and why you think is there?

-Why we keep on seeing people already dead? Are they hallucination, real people (they are not really dead I mean), or the main characters are dead and they are living in a kind of heaven (at least amazing option I suggest)?

-What about Ben? Is he good or bad?

Who is the fake Jack and the real one?

Last chance Ciapo, last chance..


Anonymous said...

Purtroppo per tero il mio amico pietro, oltre a David, c'è un altro appassionato di LOST, e lo confermo con il primo commento a favore di questo gran telefilm sempre più pieno di seghe mentali. Altrochè "TO DAVID"!!!!!

pietro said...

Lo sapevo che saresti stato il primo..sempre più in alto. (Ciapetti dove sei)

Anonymous said...

Prova 1 2 3 prova

932 said...

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