Friday, 20 June 2008


It often appears in commentary that accuses people of giving up their civic duty and following whichever political leader offers to satisfy their decadent desires (less tax for everyone and Ronaldinho)

Berlusconi like Nerone?

18th of june, 2008:
the Italian parliament approves a new legislative decree that allows delays of processes that are not pressing. Berlusconi (with his process for corruption in a legal process) is now closer (one year according to the law, more for sure according to the Italian judiciary sistem) to time limitation for his processes.

17th of june, 2008:
Italy, beating France in the Euro cup, has now access to final matches of the competition. This news, according to our six televions (three of them from the premier), is of course much more relevant than the previous one.

Is it by chance?..poor Italians..

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Luna said...

portugal lost! =(