Monday, 9 June 2008


Unfortunally another friend of ours disappeared without leaving any trace. His name is David Ciapetti, from S.Donato in Fronzano. Inquirents are groping in the dark. According to FBI he was posting a comment on this very blog when suddenly something happened, but what?? All the most important people searching organisation (Chi l'ha visto, Scotland Yard, CIA, KGB, Il Bivio, Silvia Vada) are looking for him, but the few news they've got can be summarized as following:

-After a glourious carreer as a "Grillino" he finally joined the "antigrillo" group. Too much ashamed to keep on appearing in his home town, he's now going out in "Località L'acqua rossa".

-Marco Travaglio kidnapped him (actually it was a false kidnapping) and they are now hanging out together.

-Too much worried for Sergio disappearrance he started a long trip all aroud the world looking for his missing friend.

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Anonymous said...


ma VAIA (italian word):

i don't believe to what pietro said in this post, so i have done a little reserch, and i have discovered this:
FBI opened a dossier after the pubblication of this post about david ciapetti. The conclusions of this report are here:

THE WEEK OF DAVID (only evenings):
Monday: coach's marriage
tuesday: il varco's match
wednesdey: film at home
thursday: goes to watch the match of gotti's tournament (no one, of david's friend, step out)
Friday: cinema with sergio and lorenzo.
saturday: evening dedicate to his girlfriend
sunday: goes to foffo, but don't see anyone of his friends.


after read tihs, i became sospicious and i ask myself what pietro have done this week.
The result are these:
Monday: portugal
tuesady: portugal
Wednesday: portugal
thursday: portugal
friday: come back home from portugal
saturday. don't know (maybe step out with friends)
Sunday: Don't know.

Now the question is clear:
Who are the man that don't step out with his friends? Pietro or david? Think about it.

Who want read more about the mystification of the truth of pietro, can visit my future blog:
The antipietro's blog.
anonymous user

pietro said...

I'm the editor of the blog and I can write whatever I want in my blog, even if it's bullshit. If someone doesn't like he can easly make his own blog..Silvio is doing the same since 1994 with 3 televisions, one publishing house, two news papers, the three channels of the national television and many opinionists (maybe I've also forgotten something).
It's not a big deal if I use this blog for my own interest..

Anonymous said...

il ciapetti secondo a parimerito con me, mi porta a fare delle riflessioni e a chiudermi in un silenzio stampa sul blog(di cui sono uno dei più assidui frequentatori) per dimostrare la mia irritazione verso questa classifica che vede "come previsto" cherici al primo posto.Oltretutto si può tenere secondo uno che sbaglia il rigore nel gotti!!!?????MAH.....e poi falla finita di scrivere i commenti in inglese perchè sennò qnd ti vedo ti batto a iss pro senza fare il terzo tempo!

Berlusconi said...

Questo blog è una merda, cribbio!!!

Anonymous said...

Posso solo dire che david non è né all'acqua rossa (da li ci passo io per andare a lavana e un ce l'ho visto mai), né alla mia ricerca.

L'altra settimana mi ha anche trascinato al cinema a vedere IL DIVO... pensa te....


Luna said...

I think I saw him trying to hug Cristo Rei in lisbon!!!

Anonymous said...

Ciapo non è mica che mi diresti i risultati ottenuti contro la Netherlands di berti ad ISS PRO EVOLUTION 8???niente di male,solo che non gli ricordo....nuovo re ad iss pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

alcune fonti attendibili dicono che i ciapo è stato visto con chiappanonno a rubare biciclette in provincia di tosi